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Equality Statement

Research shows that children are more likely to succeed in school if parents and carers take an active role in their education.  A good education will help your child to succeed in the future.  Most parents and carers want to get more involved but are not sure how to begin.  Often, the more a child feels supported at home, the more effectively they will learn at school.

How can you support your child?

  • Give them plenty of encouragement
  • Talk to your child and explain things to them.  You are their first and most important teacher.
  • Listen to your child
  • Be patient
  • Teach them to respect others
  • Be proud of your child and show it
  • Give them a few simple chores around the house.  It teaches them about responsibility.
  • Play games with them

Supporting your child with home reading

Reading at home should be enjoyable.  Make it a special time that you spend together.  This will help your child progress with their reading.  To help your child become a confident reader, you should praise them often.  Learning to read can be very difficult and your child needs your patience and encouragement to do so.
You should read together at least once a day.
After reading a story you can talk about the pictures and the story.  Help your child by pointing to the text when they are reading.  You can ask them who the author is and talk about the characters or what they liked/disliked about the story.
Children’s book bags are regularly changed.  Please sign your child’s reading record when you have heard them read.

LEARN Workshops

At Childeric we regularly run LEARN Workshops which encourage parents/carers to come into school and work with their child on a one-to-one basis.  The workshops are a fun and enjoyable way of allowing parents to find out exactly how their child is learning in class and to take part in an English or Maths activity.  We make resources in the workshop for you to take home and keep for use in supporting your child with their homework.  The workshops are very informal and parents will not need any particular skill, as the activities will be set out and explained by the class teacher.
By participating in the workshops you will become familiar with the strategies which are used for teaching English and Maths in schools today.

We hope you will support your child by attending these workshops.

Useful websites for parents